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Selling your home or property is a big decision that requires a lot of preparation and work. When you’re ready to sell, look no further than Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate Adams Lawndale for expert real estate advice and services. We’re here to handle all of the details involving the sale of your home for top market value. Our experienced agents know how to handle every aspect of the sales process, from preparing and staging your home, including assistance in “decluttering” and packing, to a marketing package that includes professional photography, virtual tours, YouTube videos, interactive floor plans and community information. Our custom designed marketing plan will get your property local and worldwide exposure on over 550 websites. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will always listen to your requests. Contact us today for more information!

Selling Tips

Selling your home can be a complicated process, but Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate Adams Lawndale Agents have the experience and knowledge to guide you through it smoothly. Below are some tips to help get you started!

Set a realistic price: Your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate Adams Lawndale professional will provide you with a Comprehensive Market Analysis, will explain the marketplace trends, and will help you arrive at an appropriate and competitive listing price.
Prepare your house listing: Our expert real estate agents will help you prepare your property for sale and provide guidance and a tailored-for-you plan of how best to present your property to interested buyers.
Detach yourself from the process: Your home is full of wonderful memories that make saying goodbye difficult. Don’t let your emotional attachment get in the way of making sound decisions, especially when it comes to staging your home and setting a price.
Keep an open mind for negotiations: A few concessions can go a long way in the negotiation process. Our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real Estate Adams Lawndale Agents can work with you to carefully evaluate and respond to each offer.

5 Things to do Before Going on the Market

1. Organize & clean: Eliminate clutter and pack up your least-used items, such as kitchen tools, out-of-season clothes, toys, and exercise equipment. Store items off-site or in boxes neatly arranged in the garage or basement. Clean the windows, carpets, walls, lighting fixtures and baseboards to make the house shine.
2. Pre-home inspection: We do not recommend a pre-home inspection for most of our Sellers. However, there are a few homes that have major issues which need to be addressed prior to marketing.
3. Get replacement estimates: Do you have big-ticket items will need to be replaced in the near future? Such as your roof or flooring? Get estimates on how much it would cost to replace them, even if you don’t plan to do it yourself. The figures will help buyers determine if they can afford the home.
4. Find your warranties: Gather up the warranties, guarantees and user manuals for the furnace, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and any other items that will remain with the house.
5. Spruce up the curb appeal: Pretend you’re a buyer and stand outside of your home. As you approach the front door, what is your impression of the property? Do the lawn and bushes look neatly manicured? Is the address clearly visible? Are pretty flowers or plants framing the entrance? Is the walkway free from cracks and impediments?

Does Moving Make Sense?

There are a number of questions to ask yourself to help you determine whether or not you’re ready for a new home. If you answer yes to most or all of the questions below, you’re certainly ready to move.

Have you built a lot of equity in your current home?

Has your income or financial situation improved?

Have you outgrown your neighborhood?

Are their reasons you can’t remodel or add on?

Are you comfortable moving in the current housing market?

Are interest rates attractive?

Low-Cost Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

Make your home more appealing for yourself and potential buyers with these quick and easy tips:

1. Trim bushes, mow your lawn and edge the grass around walkways and trees. Remove any dead plants and weeds.
2. Put out a pot of bright, beautiful flowers on your lawn or porch
3. Repair any fences and gates. Give them a fresh coat of paint, if necessary.
4. Keep your garden tools, hoses, and any toys out of sight.
5. Replace cracked windows and repair torn screens.
6. Clean your windows, inside and out.
7. Paint the front door and entryway, if needed.
8. Clean and organize the garage. Keep storage as neat as possible.
9. Sweep all walkways, patios, and decks. Deck should be cleaned, stained or painted if needed.
10. Wash down driveways, seal and repair cracks.

Low-Cost Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Interior

Start with a full housecleaning from top to bottom!

1. Walls should be clean and free of smudges, fingerprints and dents. Consider a fresh coat of paint if necessary.
2. De-clutter. Rearrange or remove furniture to create more space and open areas.
3. Depersonalize your house so buyers focus on the surroundings and not your personal photos and other items.
4. Wash windows. Window treatments should be freshly laundered.
5. Wash floors and shampoo carpets.
6. Repair noticeable defects, such as loose doorknobs, leaky faucets, and loose stair banisters.
7. Scrub and clean bathrooms, including tile and grout.
8. Clean out closets.
9. Clean and organize the basement, attic and garage.
10. Use scented items to create an inviting smell in your home. Be sure to empty garbage daily to reduce odors.