Leung “Louisa” Seo – REALTOR®

Leung “Louisa” Seo, originally from Asia, has been enjoying life in and around our Greater Boston suburbs for the past eight years. Since 2010, Louisa has spent her summers in the Belmont-Watertown area while her son attended various summer camps in Cambridge. Louisa views Massachusetts as a paradise for education! In 2014, Louisa and her family purchased a home in Watertown where she finds her life to be peaceful and enjoyable.

Louisa studied international finance at People’s University of China, following which she successfully opened her own gift packaging and home decorating business in Hong Kong and south of China, and has been exporting to Europe and the USA markets for over 25 years. Luisa has traveled around the world, including Frankfurt, Paris, Milano, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Las Vegas to enhance her business. Along the way she also invested in real estate in China and South Korea.

Louisa speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean. She takes personal pride and enjoyment in helping others. Louisa looks forward to sharing her business knowledge and experiences with you, and to help you find your own slice of real estate happiness.

If you are looking for a highly determined and successful professional to help you achieve your real estate goals, give Louisa a call at 617-206-0568.

*Louisa has retained her China mobile phone and may also be reached at (0086) 139-2287-1739*